Five Amazing Dining Experiences in Australia & New Zealand

Learn about the ambiance and activities that elevate a meal into something incredible on our tours of the South Pacific.

When you think of a South Pacific getaway, what first comes to mind? Most of us think of natural attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, city destinations like the Sydney Opera House, landscapes like the verdant hills of New Zealand dotted with sheep, or animals like koalas or kangaroos.

What may not usually come to mind is the cuisine.

As with all Holiday Vacations tours, we include many meals in your tour, and our tours of Australia and New Zealand are no exception. But not only do these countries offer superb cuisine, many of your included meals become an unexpected surprise – something you’ll remember for years to come. We want to reveal some of those great dining experiences for you today.

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Catch a meal in motion at the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne

Five Amazing Dining Experiences in Australia & New Zealand 1

Imagine a restaurant on rails in the heart of Australia’s second largest city, where you leisurely roll by sights of metropolitan nightlife and dine on lavish dishes. Our meal on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant consists of several courses with a sophisticated menu boasting entrées of pumpkin velouté (a velvety sauce) or roasted quail, other main dishes such as seared barramundi (Asian sea bass) and braised beef cheek, with desserts including date pudding and vanilla panna cotta. The elegantly furnished interiors of this fleet of restored burgundy tramcars have plush velvet seating, brass fittings, and cozy low lighting that take patrons back to Melbourne’s colonial period.

Experience a traditional feast at the Tamaki Maori Village

After an ancient ceremony of welcome, tour the sights and sounds of a pre-European Maori village in New Zealand’s Tawa forest. Guests witness traditional demonstrations including weaving, carving, and tattooing, plus a powerful cultural performance in the village’s ancestral Meeting House with songs, poi, games, and a “Haka” Maori War Dance. Dinner cooks in the nearby hāngi pit, where heated stones cook baskets of food beneath the ground. Traditionally, this could be fish, chicken, lamb, and lots of vegetables – especially “kumara” (sweet potatoes). The evening ends with a traditional closing ceremony with speeches and songs.

Go “there and back again” at Hobbiton’s Marquee Festive Feast

Five Amazing Dining Experiences in Australia & New Zealand 2When First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and Elevenses just aren’t doing the trick, take a stroll through the Shire and sit down for a lunch feast fit for a Hobbit. You don’t have to be a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien to appreciate some of the most spectacular landscapes you’ll ever see at Hobbiton – the very same movie set made famous by The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies. Tour the set and see familiar locations like Bilbo’s house and the Green Dragon Inn, then gather for lunch at Bilbo Baggins’ Party Tent. The spread is expansive, with four kinds of salads, sweet and sour meatballs, baked fish, chicken pasta, roast beef, herb roasted potatoes, and other vegetables.

Dine with sights of Sydney at the Sydney Tower Revolving Restaurant

Five Amazing Dining Experiences in Australia & New Zealand 3The Sydney Tower has occupied its iconic image against the Sydney skyline for more than 30 years. Settle into seats more than 1000 feet above the city streets with spectacular views of downtown and Sydney Harbor as the venue gently rotates. Guests look forward to soup, a main course, and desert on a delicious seasonal menu. There’s always something new to look at! Look westward on a clear day and you could even see the Blue Mountains. Their delicious three-course meal complements each season.

Have breakfast with the kiwi birds at the Kiwi & Birdlife Park

Five Amazing Dining Experiences in Australia & New Zealand 4Join the fun and get to know one of the world’s most unusual bird species at Queenstown, New Zealand’s Kiwi & Birdlife Park. Enter the park before it opens to the public for a special, private breakfast from a seasonal menu. Afterwards we’re visited by a park guide who accompanies us to the kiwi enclosure where we learn about these fascinating creatures. These small, flightless birds are nocturnal, so the best way to witness them is in the park’s nocturnal houses. This conservation sanctuary sits on five beautifully landscaped acres and is home to many more rare and beautiful species of birds.

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