Following Alaska’s Nov. 30 Earthquake, All Systems Are Go!

Life is regaining a sense of normalcy for many Alaska residents after the earthquake that took place in the Anchorage area on Nov. 30.

If you have any concerns about the status of Alaska for our 2019 tour season, trust us: All systems are go!

Anchorage’s international airport resumed business as usual just hours after the quake struck. The Alaska Railroad resumed its passenger train schedule, schools are back in session, and many damaged roads have already been repaired. You can learn more about Alaskans’ rapid response to road repair in response to the quake HERE.

Following Alaska’s Nov. 30 earthquake, all systems are go! 2

Following Alaska’s Good Friday earthquake in 1964, Anchorage has put many strict building codes and safeguards over the years. The aftermath of the quake on November 30th is evidence of these precautionary measures paying off!

Holiday Vacations will never knowingly put our guests at risk. We’re confident all of our partners in the Great Land, from our hotels and cruises to our attractions and restaurants, are more than ready to give Holiday Vacations guests the time of their lives.

We look forward to having you join us in this remarkable land of mountains, glaciers, forests, and resilient people.

Posted on December 10th, 2018 in Alaska, Our Stories

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