Latest Information On Our COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

COVID Tour Policies

UPDATED: 5/5/21

What will be required in order to participate in a Holiday Vacations tour?

Until further notice, Holiday Vacations requires all guests (including Tour Director, driver and other staff on tour) provide proof of a full COVID-19 vaccine course (one or two shots, depending on brand) completed at least 14 days before the tour commences. Guests will not be permitted to join the tour unless proof is provided.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination must be provided to Holiday Vacations by email to [email protected] no later than 14 days before the tour commences. Proof includes a photocopy of the original vaccination record document issued by either: (a) the health authority that administered the vaccination (i.e. U.S. CDC’s Vaccination Record Card); or (b) the participant’s medical provider that administered the vaccination.

Depending upon your destination, there may be other and additional country-specific and/or airline requirements for testing prior to travel. Guests should monitor and follow through on these requirements as well.

On the first day of the tour, all guests must complete and sign the Holiday Vacations Health Screening document, and give it to the Tour Director for review and scanning. During the tour, guests must follow all other Holiday Vacations health and safety measures.


Do I need to let you know if I have been previously diagnosed with COVID-19 and am now recovered?
Guests who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have recovered are not required to disclose this to Holiday Vacations.

Are there any exceptions for individuals who cannot take a vaccine?
We are not currently making any exceptions to the vaccination policy. Guests who are not vaccinated will not be permitted to travel with Holiday Vacations.

Are there any exceptions for unvaccinated individuals under the age of FDA vaccine approval?
We are not currently making any exceptions to the vaccination policy, and so unvaccinated children would not be permitted to travel with Holiday Vacations at this time.

What about guests who do not want to be vaccinated?
For guests who have not booked: The vaccination mandate is in effect until further notice. We will be happy to welcome these guests on tour when they are vaccinated or the mandate is lifted.

For guests with existing bookings: These guests may cancel within seven days of receiving notice of our requirement and receive a 100% refund of all money paid.

What if a guest has a booking with plans to be vaccinated but one or more of the guests in the party are unable to meet the vaccine mandate prior to the tour?
No exceptions will be made for guests to be vaccinated. If a guest is unable to be vaccinated in time for the tour, our published cancellation policies apply:

What do I need to know about air travel?
Airports and airlines have developed many new policies in response to COVID-19 including, but not limited to:

• Requiring a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding any flight that returns to the U.S.

• Wearing a face mask at the airport and onboard.

• We recommend coming prepared with your own supply of face masks.

• Taking the temperature of passengers prior to boarding and excluding passengers with a temperature over 100.3 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius).

• Limiting service onboard to reduce person-to-person contact.

• We recommend visiting your carrier’s website to review scheduled onboard service and prepare to bring your own food or snacks, if necessary.

• Additional health screening during check-in. We recommend contacting your carrier and/or airport for the most up-to-date and suggested check-in time. Be prepared for a longer check-in and security process.

• Mandatory preflight health declaration during airport check-in with questions regarding symptoms, recent close contacts and recent COVID-19 tests.

We recommend that you check your flight itinerary on your carrier’s website one week in advance, and again both 24 hours and 6 hours in advance. With the limited number of flights currently in service, you may be rescheduled from your original flights to alternate flights. Last minute cancellations can happen. Routes may be less direct and layover times longer. Seat assignments may change due to itinerary and/or equipment changes. It is always that carrier’s responsibility
to rebook you. Should your flight get canceled, contact the carrier online, via phone, or using the check-in line to confirm new flights.

Will guests receive more information about Holiday
Vacations’ Safety Protocols while on tour?
The most up-to-date information will always be on the Holiday Vacations website. All guests will receive information regarding our current policies after booking a trip and updates will be provided thereafter as needed.

Are guests required to wear masks?
We follow destination requirements and local, state, and federal mandates. At this time, there is a U.S. Federal requirement that masks are worn on transportation such as airlines and motorcoaches. All guests must comply with these rules.

What if a guest has symptoms of COVID-19 during the tour?
Fully vaccinated people should still watch for symptoms of COVID-19, especially following an exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If an individual develops symptoms, he or she should isolate and be clinically evaluated for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status.

What if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days following the tour conclusion?
We encourage guests to contact Holiday Vacations should they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days following their tour conclusion. There may be contact tracing conducted by Holiday Vacations, and/or local health departments. We will alert the other group members of the possible exposure so that they can take all necessary precautions. Holiday Vacations will attempt to protect the privacy of any individual who tests positive, though contact tracing and notification could result in guests inferring who has tested positive.

How are meals going to be handled on tour?
We are working closely with all of our restaurants, hotels, and attractions to assure that enhanced preventive and sanitization protocols are in place in their establishments.

Will staff at restaurants, hotels and attractions be wearing marks during our tour?
Please be aware that the staff at some of the locations that we work with may not wear masks unless required by law, regulation, or the policies of the individual business.

Will Holiday Vacations be conducting temperature checks?
Holiday Vacations will not be performing temperature checks, although it is always possible that checks are part of the entry requirements at different times of the trip, such as by airlines or attractions.

Will the Tour Director and motorcoach driver be trained for new safety protocols?
Yes. Tour Directors have been trained for operating in our “new world,” and will also follow all of the requirements and protocols we ask of the guests.

Our tour motorcoaches contain air circulation systems that include HEPA filters and inject a mix of fresh air. Our drivers are trained in protocols to keep the coach safe. High contact surfaces are sanitized each time the group gets off, and the motorcoach is sprayed each day for maximum protection. Hand sanitizer will be available on the motorcoach, but we advise that guests bring their own as well.