17 Tips to Help Secure Your Home While You Travel

You deserve the peace of mind that everything is going to be fine on a Holiday Vacations tour. While we’ll take care of everything on the tour, consider the following 17 tips to protect your home while you are away. Some of these tips might surprise you!

1. Limit conversation about your vacation on social media until you have returned.

2. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home. If you need them to check on anything, consider giving them a spare key.

3. Ask a trusted friend, neighbor, or local service to care for your lawn. When it snows, you may want someone to maintain your driveway, walkways, and sidewalk too.

4. If you have a home alarm system, let the company know the days you will be traveling.

5. Install motion detector lights and be sure the lightbulbs are functioning.

6. Place your mail on hold or ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail for you.

7. Do not leave extra keys under a doormat, in a potted plant, in your mailbox, or other obvious places.

8. Do not leave notes on your door for friends, neighbors, or services.

9. While you may want to close your curtains, leave them how you usually have them.

10. If you are gone during the cold months, shut off the main water supply to your house.

11. Be sure all doors and windows are locked including the garage, shed, and other structures on your property.

12. Be sure nothing is plugged in that could start a fire.

13. Consider leaving on a radio.

14. Have at least two lights on timers in different parts of your home and set them to different times.

15. Park a car in your driveway.

16. If you have a home phone, reduce its volume to the lowest setting.

17. Move expensive items away from windows, such as electronics or jewelry.

Posted on October 26th, 2017 in Our Stories, Travel Tips

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