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Posted on April 22nd, 2020 in Our Stories

At Holiday Vacations, we strive to find opportunities for ecotourism. Ecotourism is travel with a twist and mission to be “sustainable,” a socially and environmentally-conscious way to discover the world. This style of travel puts focus not only on visiting and admiring nature’s beauty but also providing opportunities for tourists to learn about sustainability or participate in sustainable activity. Ecotourism can also involve “cultural sustainability” where travel packages place emphasis on local cultures and economies that risk fading away with the influence of globalism. In this blog, we talk about ways Holiday Vacations participates in ecotourism as we continue to align ourselves with important social and environmental causes.

While we don’t have ecotourism-specific travel packages (yet!), Holiday Vacations now offers a variety of opportunities for our guests to eco-tour. Currently, the most significant ecotourism you’ll get with Holiday Vacations is on our epic 25-day tour of Australia that includes an eco-cruise of Noosa, Queensland’s first UNESCO biosphere due to its pristine wilderness regions. Admire spellbinding views of unspoiled beaches, majestic mountains, and rare birds and marine life, all appearing untouched by human influence.

Other international opportunities for eco-touring with Holiday Vacations includes activities on our African Safari tour, Costa Rica & Panama trip, and even our tour of Iceland. For instance, when you travel with us to Costa Rica, you get to immerse yourself in rich biodiversity during a visit to the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. If you wish to experience Iceland with us, find inspiration when we visit Fridheimar, a family run, geothermally-powered tomato and cucumber farm that uses state-of-the-art technology and natural pest control for year-round, organic produce with sustainability and health in mind.

For domestic travel with Holiday Vacations, experience ecotourism with our Central Florida Extended Stay where you’ll find ultimate relaxation as well as leisurely activities including a St. John’s Eco-Tour Cruise and Citrus Swamp Safari & Eco-Tour.

While this is just a sampling of what we currently offer, moving forward, Holiday Vacations is committed to finding more ecotourism opportunities that provide our guests with satisfying travel experiences while also practicing or learning about sustainability during delightful recreation and exciting adventures.

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