Group Tours – Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Posted on April 21st, 2020 in Our Stories

These days, more and more travelers are committed to finding a balance between having a fulfilling vacation experience and being responsible to the environment and those whose homes are travel destinations. As the “green” wave sweeps the world, we are spending more of our time considering how we can do our part by offering tours with a softer footprint. That’s why we are seeking partnerships within the travel industry that work towards initiatives of ecotourism, avoiding over-tourism, and other sustainability efforts. We believe these are important values, but where to begin?

Sustainability can start small, with seemingly minor changes in travel plans that can make a big difference. For instance, group travel contributes to sustainability since it’s like being in a huge carpool! This is only one of the many ways we can think about responsible travel for a softer footprint.

We proudly partner with motorcoach companies from around the world who provide modern passenger coaches that reduce travel-related greenhouse gas emissions. As you join us on a group tour, you can feel good about replacing up to 55 passenger vehicles on the road! In fact, a couple traveling by coach rather than passenger vehicle can reduce their carbon emissions by more than 80%! Plus, with a road trip, isn’t “the more the merrier” often the case?

The best part is, there is no sacrificing comfort by opting for a motorcoach experience; enjoy ultimate comfort with deep-cushioned reclining seats, all-season climate control, and an on-board restroom. By helping fill the motorcoach, not only are you maximizing its carbon “efficiency,” but you also get the chance to sit back and simply enjoy your vacation. Take in the breathtaking scenery without having to mind the road, dive into a new book, or even just catnap, resting up for your adventures ahead!

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