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Meet Our Loyalty Program Specialist: Alexandra (Lexie)

Posted on December 14th, 2023 in Our Stories

Meet Alexandra (Lexie)



Hi all! Our incredible loyalty group has grown leaps and bounds with thousands of new travelers after a spectacular year of adventures around the globe. It seems only fitting that as 2023 wraps up, I introduce myself to those I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or talking to yet.

About Me

So, who am I and what part do I play in the wonderful Holiday Vacations team? I have been on the team for over two years now and my current duties can essentially be divided into three segments: copywriting, social media, and the loyalty program. Copywriting is a large portion of my daily tasks, especially writing itineraries for each tour. I take the trips that have been masterfully planned by our Destination Team and turn them into the itineraries that you read on our website, in brochures, and in catalogs. Much of my social media involvement is running our Holiday Travelers Club Facebook group, which brings me to the highlight of my job – our loyalty program.

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Many of you may recognize me as Alexandra HV in the group. Outside of the Facebook community, I am working behind the scenes on writing content for the quarterly newsletter, planning giveaways, thinking of ideas to improve experiences for guests, and planning fun surprises to celebrate special occasions on tour. The best part of my job is being able to truly connect with travelers, whether it’s through discussing memorable moments from their tours or seeing their stories and photos shared in the Holiday Travelers Club. Recently, I had the opportunity to connect even further with guests on a Holiday Vacations trip!

My First Trip with Holiday Vacations

Having never been to the East Coast, I selected Captivating Cape Cod, a well-known guest favorite, as my first tour. It was incredible, to say the least. I wouldn’t consider myself much of a history enthusiast, but this tour kept my attention every step of the way. The historical significance and beauty of each place we visited was remarkable. In addition, the local guides were phenomenal and provided fascinating insight. From hearing a local islander’s intriguing stories about celebrities that frequent Martha’s Vineyard to diving into the lives of Pilgrims and Wampanoag people, each day was filled with enriching experiences.

Our group was made up of solo travelers, friends traveling together, and spouses, all with different traveling experiences from first-time Holiday Vacations’ guests to Globetrotters. It was such a fun group and I enjoyed not only making connections with guests but also watching friendships form among everyone. It is quite spectacular to see how quickly strangers can turn into friends!


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I had the best intentions to share my favorite memory from the trip, but as I sat down to write about it, I found myself unable to narrow it down. I went from thinking I’d write about my top memory, to the top three, to the top five, and the list just kept growing! The experiences were so unique in their own way that it’s hard to compare and weigh them against one another. I often hear from guests that it’s difficult to choose a favorite and now I understand what they mean.

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If I had to pick the most exhilarating experience, it would be our sand dunes adventure. Our driver guide was quick-witted, humorous, and extremely knowledgeable. We all shared many laughs as we traversed the soft sandy hills of Cape Cod National Seashore! Some guests and I also embarked on an ambitious adventure during leisure time in Provincetown – climbing to the top of Pilgrim Monument. Built in the early 1900s, this is the country’s tallest all-granite structure at 252 feet. Around halfway up the tower, I remembered that I have a crippling fear of heights, making the ascent a mental and physical challenge. Luckily, I had my newfound friends cheering me on, and that made my journey to the top much easier. Other than that, I would have to say just the charming coastal towns and islands with their stunning scenery made this a trip worth taking!

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how impressed I was with our bus driver, Andy, and Tour Director, Olivia. It was a shared feeling among guests that we were glad to not be driving through the narrow streets and crazy traffic in the cities we visited. Andy professionally navigated us through it all each day, keeping us safe and on schedule. Olivia is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an experienced guide who provided great leisure-time suggestions and made sure all guests’ needs were met, but she also has a theatrical background and treated us to a couple of songs. However, the most impressive thing was watching her handle last-minute changes due to rainy weather.

On our last full day, we were scheduled to take a boat ride in Providence, but Mother Nature had other plans. Olivia made some calls and got us into the Newport Sailing Museum, the most interactive museum I have ever visited. We all had a blast digitally creating our own sailboats, trying our hand at virtual sailing, competing against each other on the grinders, and more! She also managed to get us a guided tour of the Rhode Island State House, where we marveled at the building’s historic magnificence. She did an outstanding job quickly replacing our planned activity with not one, but two amazing attractions.

Although we experienced some wind and rain as remnants of Hurricane Ophelia, the trip was incredible from beginning to end. I enjoyed every moment of a stress-free and immersive vacation where I never had to worry about planning, transportation, booking hotels, or anything else. I’ve returned home with many new friends that I look forward to staying in contact with and I hope to continue meeting more guests in the future!

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Or any loyalty program questions I can assist with? I’d be thrilled to hear from you! You can reach me at [email protected].

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