Reimagining Our Catalogs

We have been doing a lot of thinking about our catalogs lately: How can we improve our catalogs? What else do readers want to know? What can we do to make our catalogs a more enjoyable reading experience? With the 2020 tour season approaching, the last few months have been a good opportunity to review the content in our catalogs and see how we can grow.

Our Annual Catalog, the large, 160+ page catalog most guests received in August, will remain relatively unchanged, packed with the full itineraries, maps, and tour highlights for every tour we have available. Moving forward, we thought we could do something new for the other publications we create throughout the year. Instead of producing catalogs of a similar size to the Annual Catalog, we aim to produce smaller, destination-specific catalogs that tell stories and provide info about our favorite places to visit in ways we haven’t done before.

Supplementing Your Annual Catalog

We want to stress that our Annual Catalog is NOT going away. If you are on our mailing list, you can count on our Annual Catalog, packed with itineraries from all over the globe, arriving in your mailbox every year in late summer. But for the rest of the year, we present to you our all-new catalog booklets.

A supplement to our Annual Catalog, these catalog booklets are deliberately smaller in page count and focused on one category of Holiday Vacation tours. Our first booklet in this style features our Alaska tours and will arrive in mailboxes mid-November.


Simplifying Your Reading Experience

We are especially excited about the way in which readers navigate our new Alaska booklet. The table of contents is color-coded to match the color along each page’s rightmost edge. Each spread is sized a little shorter than the previous spread, producing a “stairway” of color that allows readers to navigate the catalog at ease. Guided by these vibrant colors, we expect readers will have an easier time browsing the pages, making for a more enjoyable reading experience.

Reimagining Our Catalogs 3


Revealing All-New Content

To help bring to life the destinations featured in a booklet’s focus destinations, we have added pages of fun reading material that you won’t find in our Annual Catalog. For example, in the Alaska-focused booklet we are highlighting common wildlife sightings, frequently asked questions about traveling to Alaska, popular Alaska souvenirs and how to determine if they are authentic, and other Alaska trivia. We are especially fond of our new blurb series “Tour Tales: Stories From the Road,” in which Holiday Vacations Tour Directors share their sentiments on a tour’s cornerstone experiences.

Reimagining Our Catalogs 4


Staying connected

Everyone on our catalog mailing list will receive hard-copies of our Catalogs as they are produced. However, you don’t have to wait! You can view our online digital Catalogs now! You can also follow us on social media where we’re constantly sharing fun facts, stories, and information about our true passion: travel!

As always, if you are ready to learn more about any of our incredible tours, call 800-826-2266. A friendly Guest Services Representative is ready to speak with you.

Posted on October 22nd, 2019 in Our Stories

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