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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway 

Posted on March 28th, 2023 in Europe, Africa & Asia

If you’re waiting for a sign to visit Norway, this is it.

Called Norge by its citizens, this country has incredibly diverse terrain – lush valleys, towering mountains, boundless plateaus, plummeting waterfalls, and iconic fjords. In fact, Norway’s western fjords have the highest concentration of fjords in the world! Breathtaking natural beauty, powerful history, and fascinating culture await at every turn in this one-of-a-kind destination. While the fjords are a phenomenal and noteworthy feature of Norway, there is much more to see, learn, and experience everywhere you look.

As travel experts who have been touring the world since 1973, we know there are truly endless reasons to explore Norway. However, if you’ve never been, let us share with you why it’s a must-visit destination by revealing three of the biggest and best reasons to make this trip.

Reason #1: Natural Beauty

Norway is home to some of the most incredible scenery in the world, including fjords, mountains, glaciers, and much more. In fact, several of the locations we visit on our Majestic Fjords of Norway tour feature spectacular nature of some kind, whether it’s a main focus or a background setting to another must-see attraction.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway  3

Jostedalsbreen National Park is a prime example of the diversity in Norway’s natural landscape. Crystalline glaciers, lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, stunning fjords, and dazzling waterfalls all lie within the park, making it a perfect showcase of the country’s otherworldly vistas. Imagine setting your sights upon the stunning Briksdal Glacier, an arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, and one of the most well-known glaciers in Norway.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway 

An especially unique feature of Norway is the geological wonder known as a fjord, which is a long and narrow inlet of the sea between high cliffs that is usually formed by glaciers. Norway’s fjords were created during the last Ice Age, when glaciers and ice carved out the mountains. Now, the country is home to many dynamic and awe-inspiring landforms, one of the most famous of which is the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord. Striking blue waters, towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant greenery make up this spectacular site.

The fjords, of course, are a huge draw for tourists and residents alike. They not only set a gloriously photogenic scene, but they also characterize a large part of Norwegian culture, since many of Norway’s biggest cities are located along or near coastlines. Fishing, birdwatching, and boating are common favorite activities on the fjords, and in the winter months, skating and skiing are popular.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway  2

Bergen, the capital city of Norway, lies on the country’s southwestern coast and is a gateway to majestic fjords. The city sits atop Ulriken, the tallest of Bergen’s Seven Mountains, and overlooks the sea and mountain range, creating an idyllic setting for this charming destination. A memorable highlight of the city is the historic harbor district of Bryggen, one of North Europe’s oldest port cities. This medieval wharf is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and although it has been damaged by numerous fires, the harbor as it is currently has been in place since 1702. Admire the incredible scenery and unique colorful wooden houses of both Bryggen and city residents that make Bergen a wonderfully pleasant place. After a visit here, you’ll be left with no question as to why one of Bergen’s many nicknames is “The Heart of the Fjords.”

Reason #2: Fascinating Scandinavian History & Culture

The history of Norway is incredibly rich and vast, beginning in about 9000 BC. One of the most well-known eras of Norwegian history is the Viking Age, which began in 793 with the first known Viking raid in England and lasted until 1066 at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway  5

As you might have guessed, much of Norway’s history was influenced by the climate and physical features of the land. Approximately 7,000 BC marked the end of the last Ice Age, and this is when early inhabitants migrated to the coastlines as a result of the warmer weather. Before this, the country was completely inhabitable due to its frigid climate. That’s why today, you’ll find many of Norway’s largest cities in these areas.

On our tour, we visit a plethora of historically significant places. One of our first stops is the capital city of Norway, Oslo. Oslo was founded as a city in 1049 by King Harald Hardraade, according to Norse sagas, and officially established as a municipality in January of 1838. Because of its substantial history, the city provides fantastic and immersive opportunities for us to explore the past. We visit several museums including the Fram Museum, showcasing Norway’s arctic exploration, and the Kon-Tiki Museum, featuring the legendary balsa wood vessel, maps, and various other projects from famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl. We’ll also see how the city has merged traditional Scandinavian culture with modern influences to become a popular art and cultural hub with charming architecture.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway  8

This country’s extensive and remarkable history also left behind a multitude of landmarks and monuments for us to explore and learn from. The land itself provides a look into natural history, and atop that land lies thousands of years of architecture that help tell the country’s story. Take in the charm of this region on a tour of Troldhaugen, famous composer Edvard Grieg’s living museum. The name comes from the Old Norse words trold, meaning troll, and haugr, meaning hill or knoll. According to Grieg, the house is named as such because children amusingly called the valley nearby “The Valley of Trolls” and he decided the house should follow in a similar fashion.

Many citizens of the United States have roots in Scandinavian heritage as well, making the region a very popular travel destination for those looking to learn more about their family lineage. An adventure to discover the stories and legends from the past is a fascinating way to connect with your ancestral roots as you walk the same land that your relatives once did long ago.

Reason #3: Welcoming Atmosphere & Common Language

Norway is consistently named one of the happiest countries, likely in part due to the gorgeous scenery and nature-focused lifestyle their residents lead. This doesn’t just benefit them, however; tourists are more likely to feel welcomed in a place considered one of the happiest in the world.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norway  7

You’ll find that residents of Norway are reserved and humble people that are always accepting and friendly towards visitors. Tourism is a significant part of Norway’s economy and travelers are greeted with open arms. Additionally, Norway is one of the safest places to visit. It has been ranked the 18th most peaceful country in the world out of all 195 countries, making it a haven for those that call it home and everyone visiting.

We know that traveling anywhere outside of your home country can be daunting, especially if you aren’t familiar with your new destination’s language. In Norway, nearly the entire population can understand and fluently speak English, making all the splendor of this wonderful place even more immersive and accessible. Enjoy the ease of traveling throughout a country that speaks a common language. You can order food without difficulty, ask questions to any friendly local, and communicate with new friends in this destination for a thoroughly enriching trip.

Our Majestic Fjords of Norway tours feature commentary and insights from a local guide who is fluent in English. Their knowledge, expertise, and personal connections to the area greatly enhance the tour experience!

All of these things merely scratch the surface when it comes to what awaits you on this unforgettable journey across the Atlantic. Whether you’re going to explore your heritage, gaze upon awe-inspiring landscapes, learn about intriguing history and culture, or all of the above – we’re here to make sure it’s the trip of a lifetime You can count on us to keep every step of your vacation worry-free and fun, and we promise you’ll return home with fond memories to look back on for years to come. Simply book your trip and pack your bags, we’ll take care of the rest!

Please call our friendly Tour Sales Consultant team at 1-888-867-2190 and reserve your spot with a small deposit of only $200 per person, which is fully refundable should you decide to cancel for any reason prior to the final payment date. We look forward to an amazing Norwegian adventure together!

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