TOURtales – Kristin W. – Tuscany & the Italian Riviera

Posted on March 3rd, 2020 in Tour Tales

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TOURtales - Kristin W.

Tuscany. Just the word conjures up images of Diane Lane swinging open the shutters in her new villa in Under the Tuscan Sun; verdant green hills, charming hilltop villages; Florence with its duomo that no one can comprehend how it was constructed so long ago. And then there’s the image of Michelangelo’s David with a size, scope and scale that no one is prepared for. It is perfection, in marble! Then it’s time to settle down for a Tuscan meal – sipping regional wines and dipping heavenly breads in truly flavorful olive oil, diving into the balsamic drizzle on the ripe basil-covered beefy tomatoes of your Caprese salad. This is life at the Tuscan table. Food is fresh and quite simple – not adorned with sauces. Olive oil is king and the base for many Tuscan dishes instead of butter. Prosciutto ham is cured for a long time resulting in a distinct and rich flavor. This is a precursor to the famous bistecca alla fiorentina or the Florentine Steak from the Chianina cow breed. Pair all of this with a ‘Super Tuscan’ wine and you’ve just created your own Tuscan memory. Buon appetito!

– Kristin W. Holiday Vacations Tour Director

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