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Posted on March 3rd, 2020 in Tour Tales

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TOURtales - Rob F.

Traveling to Ireland is a deep and meaningful experience for many people. Over 33 million people in the United States claim Irish ancestry, so it is no surprise that so many people feel profoundly connected to this remarkable country. The Irish are incredibly friendly people and treat us like family – it is a great first-time international experience! Holiday Vacations has been traveling to Ireland for decades and we are so excited to be able to share everything we know about this amazing destination with you. One of my personal favorite scenic journeys is our drive along the Ring of Kerry. The Ring of Kerry is over 100 miles of meandering roadways, picturesque villages, costal scenery, lush forest, and stunning valleys. In our travels, we get to experience all of this in a single day. It is truly beyond words. No matter where you are, the scenery is breathtaking and at night informal music sessions are held in pubs throughout the country. Irish folk music is a living tradition. Few things bring people together so well as sharing a meal and a song. Day or night you will fall in love with Ireland.

– Rob F. Holiday Vacations Tour Director

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