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Welcome to the New Website!

Browsing itineraries and finding your local station is easier than ever with the all-new!

We encourage you to take a digital stroll through our new site. This simpler, cleaner layout makes getting where you need to go easier than ever. We’ve been thinking a lot about how to optimize this new website- not just what our new site will look like, but also what our site feels like. With colorful images, large buttons, and easy-to-use tools, navigating these pages will be easier than ever.

We are pleased to announce this new website is optimized for mobile users too. We know many of our guests are as savvy with mobile phones and tablets as they are with their desktop computer at home, so we want to provide you a website that suits your needs when you’re on-the-go.

We’d like to introduce you to some new ways you can make the most of

If you want to request a catalog, request a phone call, or subscribe to our email lists, you’re one click away at the top of our Home Page.
Welcome to the New Website! 1


If you want to learn more about tours hosted by your local TV and radio personalities, find our Home Page’s Your Local Station tab. Type the station’s keyword or provide your zip code, then click Search. When the page refreshes, a list of tours hosted by familiar faces will appear. We’ve added additional red “Your Local Station” buttons to our site to help you find these hosted tours too.
Welcome to the New Website! 5


If you want to browse our catalog of upcoming tours, on the Home Page’s main navigation bar, click Destinations. A pull-down list appears with nine destination categories. In that pull-down list, click one of those colorful images to browse tours in that category.Welcome to the New Website! 8


Another way to browse our upcoming tours is to use our new Find Your Trip feature. Near the top of our Home Page is the “Find Your Trip” tab. Select where you want to go and when with the Destination, Travel Type, and Travel Dates pull-down lists. Click Search Tours. When the page refreshes, all available tours that meet your specifications appear.
Welcome to the New Website! 2

We aim to make the all-new the best online experience possible so if you have questions, comments, or concerns, we want to know! Call us at 800-826-2266 or email [email protected].

Posted on November 13th, 2018 in Our Stories

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