Our new mobile app, Holiday Traveler, has launched! Available for free on Apple and Android devices, the app provides numerous features and benefits that enhance your tour experience at all stages of your journey.

Download the app, create an account, then add your tour(s). As your tour nears and documents are finalized, you will find them here, such as an introduction to your tour director, flight details, and travel documents. Receive additional app details by email 21 days prior to departure. They will also be provided in your tour documents that are mailed approximately 10 days prior to departure.


The Holiday Traveler 6

Step 1: Press ‘CREATE AN ACCOUNT.’

The Holiday Traveler 7

Step 2: Enter your email address and first and last name, then press “I Agree” on the next page.

The Holiday Traveler 1

The account creation process then completes and the app opens to the home page.

The Holiday Traveler 2

Step 3: You will then receive a confirmation email. Once received please press ‘Confirm email’.

Note – remember to check your junk mail if you do not receive this confirmation email within 10 minutes.

The Holiday Traveler 3

Step 4: Once the Account has been created then you press the Add my Tour button. The Booking Number form then appears.

The Holiday Traveler 4

Step 5: Add your booking number and last name then press “Submit.”

For more on where to find your booking number, go to the FAQ page.

The Holiday Traveler 5

Step 6: A list of guests on the booking are displayed and then choose your name.

The Holiday Traveler 8

Step 7: Press ‘CONNECT
FAMILY & FRIENDS’ if you wish to use the app to send your tour album and email postcards to your family and friends during your tour.

Step 1: There are two ways to start adding a tour:

The Holiday Traveler 9

Option 1: Press the “+” icon. The Switch Tour screen will display with an “Add a Tour” button.

The Holiday Traveler 10

Option 2: Press the on the “≡” menu icon at the top left of the screen. Then select “Add a Tour” from the menu.

Holiday Traveler App 14

Step 2: The Booking number screen will display. Add the booking number and last name of the booking, then hit the submit button.

Holiday Traveler App 10

Step 3: The Booking number screen will display. Add the booking number and last name of the booking, then hit the submit button.

The Holiday Traveler 11

Step 4: Once the “Tour Added” notification pops up, again click on the “+” icon to go to the Switch Tour screen.

Holiday Traveler App 16

Step 5: Choose which tour you want displayed. You may also delete old tours if you wish using the trashcan icon and pressing the “Confirm Delete” button that pops up.

The Holiday Traveler 12

Learn About Your Tour Director
Read a bio about your expert Holiday Vacations tour director before you travel.

HOW-TO: Press “My Booking,” then “My Tour Director” from the main menu.

Holiday Traveler App 22

View Your Travel Documents, Hotel Details, Flight Details and the Latest Travel Requirements
Your Holiday Traveler app gives you access to information on your flights, hotel stays, and international entry requirements.

HOW-TO: Press “My Booking” from the main menu, then My eDocs,”“My Flights,” “My Hotels,” or “My Travel Requirements.”

The Holiday Traveler 13

Chat Directly with Your Tour Director
If you have any questions during your tour, you can use the app to chat directly with your Tour Director. They can also message the group with any updates or changes.

HOW-TO: Press “Chat with Tour Director” from the main menu. You can now view past message or start a new one by clicking the plus icon at the top right of the screen.

The Holiday Traveler 14

View Your Detailed Itinerary – Access Your Tour Itinerary, Weather, and Tour Map
You will see your tour Itinerary and weather information as well as detailed information about the daily activities and highlights you will enjoy along the way.

HOW-TO: Press “My Tour Itinerary” from the main menu. Press the box at the bottom with the date of the information you would like to view. This will open an overview of the day. Click the arrow next to the weather information for more in-depth details (weather will not appear until close to your trip). Daily activities schedule, press “View Activities.”

Holiday Traveler App 19

Create Your Personal Travel Album
With your Holiday Traveler app you can add your favorite holiday photos to your personal Tour Album. Each photo is tagged to the map so you know exactly where it was taken.

HOW-TO: Press “My Tour Album” from the main menu. Press on the “Add Photo” button in the bottom left. Either choose photos from your phone or use the camera to add them to the app. Choose the add a caption, choose your sharing options, and press“Add.” You can also send an E-Postcard at this time if desired.

The Holiday Traveler 15

Send Email Postcards – Share Your Tour with Family and Friends
Each photo you add to your Tour Album can also be sent to your selected friends as an attractive email postcard. Each postcard you send includes a link that will take your friends to an online version of your Tour Album.

HOW-TO: Press “My Tour Album” from the main menu. If you already have photos uploaded press on the “Send E-Postcard” button in the bottom right. Send up to 1 photo with the “Send E-Postcard” or up to five with the “Create Collage.” (keep in mind they can access full travel album via the email link). Add a message, pick your contacts, and press “Send.”

The Holiday Traveler 16

Your Friends Can Follow Along In ‘Real Time’- Friends Can See Your Tour Album and Live Tracking Map
Your friends who receive your postcards will see a link to a live tracking map of your Tour and all of the photos you have chosen to share along the way!

HOW-TO: Press the “Share My Tour” from the main menu, click on the up-arrow icon in the itinerary, or send an Email Postcard.

Holiday Traveler App 24

Complete Your Tour Survey Without Having to Wait
Your tour survey will be available from the first day so you can complete your feedback at your desired pace while the experience is fresh in your mind.

HOW-TO: Press “My Survey” from the main menu. You can now add feedback as desired. You can move forward or backward in the survey and it will save the information you have entered. However if you click submit at the end, you will no longer be able to edit.

When can I download the app before my tour?

It is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store 30 days prior to your tour’s departure.

How do I add a tour?

Press on ‘Add a tour’ on the home screen and enter your booking number and last name (if it not already entered).

Where can I find my booking number?

Your booking number is provided in your trip confirmation email that is sent 24 hours after booking as well as with the Booking Summary that comes with your invoice. You can also find the booking number on your invoice located below your address and after the tour code. See example below:
Stephanie Long
303 Orchard Dr.
Irwin, PA 15642
AKKT:20220802-1 58753 Apr 19, 2022
In this example the booking number is 58753

Will the app work if I’m not connected to the internet or data services?

The Holiday Traveler App is designed to work in both an online and ‘off-line’ mode. When not connected to the Internet certain features will be disabled. You will however still be able to upload photos to your tour album. These photos will automatically be uploaded to your on-line account when you next connect to the Internet. Likewise any unsent email postcards you have sent via the Holiday Traveler App while offline will be sent when you again reconnect to the Internet.

How do I ensure the app doesn’t use mobile data?

We understand that guests might not want to incur data or roaming charges while using the app. If this is a concern, particularly for international travel, we recommend using your phone in “Airplane Mode” when you are not on WIFI for this (and any) app while you are traveling.

Can the app access information on my phone?

To add photos to your Trip album, you will need to give the app permission to access your phone’s photos. However, that will only give the app the ability to access photos that you choose to upload and nothing beyond that. View the next question for answers on photo rights that are uploaded to the app.

Can Holiday Vacations use my photos that I upload into the app?

We give you the option to choose whether you share your photos with Holiday Vacations or just your friends and family. When you upload photos to your Tour Album or Send an E-Postcard, you can press the check box to either enable Holiday Vacations to showcase your photos or keep them private. If you choose to share your photos with Holiday Vacations, it gives us the right to use those photos on social media or other promotional material like brochures and catalogs.

Can I send more than one photo using the email postcard?

At this time, only one photo or a single photo collage can be sent by email postcard at a time.

How can I add the location to my photos in my photo album?

If your device’s privacy settings has enabled Location Services, your device’s camera will retain your photos’ location information. The Holiday Traveler app automatically reads this location information when you add photos to your album. To upload a photo into My Tour Album, do the following:

  1. Open your tour album by pressing ‘My Tour Album’ on the home screen.
  2. Select one of your photos that you have uploaded by pressing on a photo in the grid. Once the photo opens in a single page you can see where it was taken by pressing on the ‘Map’ button located on the right-hand side
  3. After pressing the ‘Map’ button you will see the photo displayed on the map above the location where it was taken.

I like to work on my tour survey throughout the trip, can I still do this in the app?

Your tour survey will be avilable from day 1 of your tour. You may input feedback and navigate throughout the different screens of questions by pressing “Next” or “Back.” However, if your press “Submit” at the end of the survey, you will not be able to further modify your answers.

For assistance with additional questions please call our app support team at 800-805-9025.