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European River Cruises

Posted on December 28th, 2022 in Europe, Africa & Asia

Unforgettable Trips with Holiday Vacations and Amadeus

Holiday Vacations provides guided tours for countless fabulous destinations around the world, and our European River Cruises certainly make the list for most popular vacations. When traveling to a new destination, especially a foreign country, you deserve to do it safely and confidently. Being in the travel business since 1973, we’re pleased that our extensive knowledge and experience gives guests a stress-free and unforgettable vacation. In fact, we take care of every mundane detail so you can focus on having the trip of a lifetime!

Part of creating worry-free travel experiences for our guests includes working with other companies to ensure seamless transitions among a wide variety of travel methods, like cruising. No short cuts are taken when it comes to choosing which company to collaborate with on a trip, our Destination Managers spend a great deal of time making the decision, because our guests deserve nothing but the best. That’s why, for our European River Cruises, we work exclusively with Amadeus to create magical moments aboard luxury cruise ships in incredible destinations.

Cruising with Amadeus

Embarking on a river cruise with Holiday Vacations and Amadeus provides a unique and inclusive experience unlike any other. When you travel with us, you can expect professional Tour Directors, included airfare, accommodations, baggage handling, ground transportation, many premier attractions, most meals, and no hidden costs. Amadeus River Cruises emphasizes luxury, hospitality, and indulgence on every one of their vessels. With sustainable tourism more important than ever, we’re happy to share that they are also the only European river cruise company to be awarded the “green certificate” seal of approval by Green Globe, acknowledging their commitment to environmentally friendly practices. In addition, they specialize in providing authentic, culturally engaging cruises through Europe. With over 40 years of experience in their craft, you can feel confident that any trip Amadeus is part of will be one for the books. Combine that with our Worry-Free Guarantee, and the result is a vacation free of stress and full of lasting memories.

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Is River Cruising Right for You?

When you hear cruise, you may envision boarding an enormous ship and heading out into the open ocean, but river cruises are just as popular and offer delightful, unique experiences. In some ways river cruising is similar to ocean cruising, but there are many notable differences between the two.

River cruise ships are significantly smaller; while ocean vessels may hold thousands of passengers, river vessels typically carry 200 passengers or fewer, creating a more private and quiet vacation. Although the ship is smaller, amenities and accommodations remain exquisite. Amadeus offers beautiful rooms, and unlike ocean vessels, all rooms have a river-facing view. This is an important feature because you will find that river cruising offers more breathtaking scenery than a cruise in the wide-open waters of the ocean. Witnessing charming small villages and magnificent landscapes while sailing through the calm river waterway amplifies the serene experience.

Ocean cruise lines are also well-known for endless entertainment and activities going on at nearly all times. While this may be ideal when traveling with children or a large group, if relaxation and luxury is more up your alley, we think you’ll find that a river cruise is a better fit. Another spectacular benefit is no large cruise terminals- the riverboat will dock right in town, so you can begin exploring the intriguing port of call sooner. Overall, river cruising offers a more peaceful, personalized experience with a smaller group and allows you to explore different ports of call that are simply mesmerizing.

If a river cruise sounds like perfect vacation for you, read on to discover our list of fabulous European cruise options. We’ve compiled some highlights of each trip to give you a feel for the memories that await you.

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Timeless France with Burgundy & Provence River Cruise

It’s difficult to imagine a more lavish vacation than a river cruise through France, isn’t it? While indulging in the delectable cuisine and 5-star inclusions aboard the ship, explore the wonders and grandeur of this gorgeous country. During the first three days of this trip, you’ll visit famous attractions in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre, where you can see the authentic Mona Lisa in person. Since it’s known as the “City of Lights,” it’s only fitting that we spend our last evening on a magical Seine River cruise where the illuminated buildings, bridges, and Eiffel Tower create a dramatic backdrop in the night sky.

Our next stop, the city of Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits at the junction of the Rhone and Saone Rivers, acts as a book cover to our trip. We initially embark on our delightful 7-night river cruise in Lyon, and we return to the historic city later on to take a walking tour of the city. Take in the majestic Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, built in the late 19th century, and admire the Ancient Theatre of Fourviere. The Theatre was built around 2,000 years ago by Romans and it still operates to this day, making it a memorable trip through a long history.

Another exceptional highlight of France is, of course, the wine culture in the area. Experience opulence with wine tastings and other delicacies in Mâcon and the Beaujolais and Maconnais wine regions. Learn about the intricate and historical process of winemaking and delight your tastebuds with a glass during a tour of Georges Duboeuf’s Hameau du Vin. We will also visit Chalon-sur-Saône within the Burgundy wine region, a city known for its culture, arts, and history. And if you’re a fellow Vincent van Gogh admirer, then you’ll revel in the opportunity to walk down the same streets that served as his inspiration in the ancient Roman city of Arles.

These are just a few of the fabulous activities that await you on our Timeless France river cruise.

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Blue Danube River Cruise

Traveling through the ages of Baroque architecture and fascinating history of Eastern and Central Europe, the Blue Danube River Cruise is a phenomenal adventure. We begin our journey in the Czech Republic at the capital, Prague, considered one of the best-preserved medieval cities in all of Europe. One of the most notable attractions here is Prague Castle, a breathtaking masterpiece that has made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest ancient castle in the world. Built in the 9th century, it has been home to kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. It is currently the official office to the President of the Czech Republic, and it has been a significant part of history for centuries. From here, you can take in views of Old Town, which resides along the Vltava River and gives a glimpse into medieval times.

The fascinating stops continue with a visit to the village of Cesky Krumlov, established in 1240. Located in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, the village is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is crowned by the Krumlov Castle, one of the largest castles in central Europe. The grandiose and marvelous architecture of the castle and the town itself are sure to impress, especially given the age and cultural significance of the area.

After sailing on the Danube through Wachau Valley, our cruise ship arrives in the famous city of Vienna. The well-known gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, majestic Hofburg Palace, and the luxurious 1,441-room Schönbrunn Palace are just a few of the noteworthy landmarks you will be free to explore during our time here. As a group, we also have the exceptional opportunity to attend the Sound of Vienna concert and watch the Alt Wien orchestra perform at the highly exclusive and enchanting Kursalon music venue.

If these attractions have piqued your interest, discover what else awaits you on this cruise and learn about life aboard the upscale Amadeus Silver III in our Blue Danube River blog.

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Rhine River Cruise – Amsterdam to Switzerland

The Rhine River is a world-famous river, beginning in the southeastern area of the Swiss Alps and forming several borders between Switzerland and other countries. Needless to say, it is a highly significant geographical feature, and you’ll experience the best of the region at each port of call along this spellbinding river system.

Our tour begins in a well-loved tourist destination, Amsterdam. Enjoy time at Zaanse Schans, an open-air museum that brings Dutch heritage to life. Traditional buildings and restored windmills demonstrate the villages that once dotted the land. Visit the museum, wander the village, explore the working mills, and watch artisans make cheese, clogs, and other traditional crafts. The following day, we board the board the luxurious Amadeus Imperial to begin our journey down the Rhine River. We’ll make stops at must-see areas, such as Cologne, Cochem, and Koblenz. After we explore the historic German city of Koblenz, which sits at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, we embark on a cruise through the Middle Rhine and Rhine Gorge. From the river, you will see at least one castle at any given point on the ride. The legendary Lorelei rock can also be spotted as we wind through the narrowest Gorge on the entire Rhine River!

Towards the end of this fabulous trip, we’ll marvel at the stunning Mount Rigi, also known as the “Queen of the Mountains.” It’s a mountain massif of the Alps, standing nearly 6,000 feet high and surrounded by three deep blue bodies of water- Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz. We take a boat ride across sparkling blue Lake Lucerne to get to Vitznau, where we’ll board a special cogwheel train to reach the top of this picturesque scenery on tour. At the highest point, Rigi Kulm, we’ll soak up awe-inspiring views of the Swiss Mittelland. Aside from its breathtaking beauty, this mountain is famously known as a hiking destination of American author Mark Twain in 1879.

Explore what other exciting adventures this tour holds, like visiting Strasbourg’s historic city centre and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grande Île, by reviewing the Rhine River Cruise itinerary.

If you’re ready for a trip filled with luxury, relaxation, unbeatable views, and memorable attractions, we would love to have you join us for a European river cruise! As a guest with Holiday Vacations and Amadeus River Cruises, you can feel confident that you will embark on the trip of a lifetime. Our tours are worry-free and fun, and we can promise you’ll return home with fond memories to look back on for years to come.

Perhaps after reading these intriguing highlights, you’ve decided a river cruise is right for your next getaway, but you aren’t sure which tour to choose. To help you decide, we’ve crafted short online travel experiences that provide visuals and a detailed look into each trip. You’ll also earn a $100 travel credit towards any tour after watching!

Or, if you’re ready to book, simply reserve your spot with a low deposit of only $200 per person by calling our Tour Sales Consultant team at 1-888-867-2190. We can’t wait to take you an opulent, immersive trip!

Timeless France with Burgundy & Provence River CruiseAll Airfare IncludedImmerse yourself in rich culture, savory cuisine, and fascinating history on a delightful tour of France’s Provence and Burgundy regions, featuring a 7-night cruise.

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Blue Danube River CruiseAll Airfare IncludedExplore the history and culture of the beautiful blue Danube from our privately chartered, luxurious Amadeus Cruises ship.Click to Learn MoreActive

12 Days from August 28 - September 8, 2025

12 Days from October 10 - October 21, 2025

Rhine River Cruise - Basel to AmsterdamAll Airfare IncludedExplore one of the most spellbinding river systems in Europe with a cruise down the Rhine River in the luxurious Amadeus Star ship and all meals included onboard.Click to Learn MoreActive

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12 Days from September 21 - October 2, 2025

12 Days from October 5 - October 16, 2025

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