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Top Bucket List Destinations

Have you started your bucket list yet? It’s thrilling to think about finally visiting a dream destination and experiencing everything the world has to offer. When you take a break from everyday life to immerse yourself in new cultures, explore majestic landscapes, and witness historic sites across the world, you’ll suddenly feel more alive than you’ve felt in years. Thinking about all the incredible destinations waiting for you, it can feel overwhelming to choose where to go for your next adventure. But don’t worry, we’re making it simple for you. As travel experts, we’ve compiled a list of ten top destinations that everyone should see in their lifetime. Let’s dive in:

  • Hawaii

Top Bucket List Destinations - Hawaii
Hawaii is a quintessential vacation spot that includes history, culture, and a luxurious island paradise. When visiting America’s youngest state, you’ll find fascinating geology, exciting recreation, and island touring. From rich agriculture to Hollywood movie sets to Pearl Harbor National Memorial, where we solemnly remember the USS Arizona, there is no shortage of attractions. If a tropical paradise is your kind of vacation, Hawaii will delight you more than ever as you fall under the spell of these beautiful, balmy American islands.

  • Italy

Top Bucket List Destinations -Italy
A storied culture, a vibrant people, and some of the world’s best food are what come to mind when we think of Italy. People simply love this place. So why should Italy be on your bucket list? This south-central European peninsula has scenic landscapes, rich history, architectural masterpieces, artistic traditions, and much more. However, the delectable cuisine will always be the distinguishing factor with dishes such as their authentic Italian pasta, pizza, and gelato. We experience all the best parts of Italy on our Italian Isles tour of the spectacular Amalfi Coast.

  • Paris, France

Top Bucket List Destinations - Paris, France
Another well-known bucket list destination, Paris, is renowned as a traveler’s hub, and celebrated for its cultural identity as romantics, poets, and philosophers. Paris has the best to offer with art and museums, cementing the past, as well as its historic charm that is preserved even as parts of the city modernize. We feature this beloved city on our classic Paris: A Week to Remember itinerary, and as part of our ode to WWII on our memorial-filled Normandy, London & Paris tour.

  • Protected Land & Wildlife

Top Bucket List Destinations - Protected Land & Wildlife
What a world! Decades and more of preservation has allowed phenomenal places from around the globe to remain relatively untouched by humans, preserving flora, fauna, history, and stories. This includes national parks, most notably on our Bryce, Zion & the Grand Canyon and Majestic Parks tours plus game drives on our African Safari. America’s protected land & wildlife is preserved through the National Park Service, and throughout the world through the international agency of UNESCO. Our Alaska Program is also synonymous with protected land and wildlife.

  • Egypt & the Nile River

Top Bucket List Destinations - Egypt & the Nile River
The myth and mystery of Egypt make it one of the top bucket list destinations in the world. Egypt’s ancient history is incredibly fascinating as it describes one of the most powerful and brilliant civilizations both compared to now and back then. You get a special treat when you tour Egypt with us, a cruise that sails north on the Nile River towards the Mediterranean Sea, pausing at intriguing stops along this African river. The MS Tulip is our vessel, and we enjoy four nights aboard ship. You’ll see the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the most bucket list deserving attractions in the world. These pyramids are part of the original iconic wonders of the world, and to this day, they are the only to survive of the original wonders.

  • United Kingdom & Ireland

Top Bucket List Destinations - United Kingdom & Ireland
The United Kingdom and Ireland are places unlike any other, with its rich history, traditions, natural beauty, and legacy. We make sure you check off major bucket list attractions from these distinguished destinations, such as Stonehenge on our England & Cornwall, Towne & Country tour and kissing the famous Blarney Stone in Ireland. We even have a special arts and literature-inspired tour of Ireland.

  • Niagara Falls

Top Bucket List Destinations - Niagara Falls
An obvious bucket list place! Experience Niagara Falls in every way with Holiday Vacations. Go behind the falls and feel their immense power, walk along the white-water rapids produced by the surging falls, view them from the water on a boat tour, and see them from high above in the Skylon Tower. Spanning the border of Ontario and New York State, this grouping of three waterfalls is America’s first state park, established in 1885 as the Niagara Reservation. More than eight million people come to explore the falls annually. From daredevils to newlyweds on honeymoon, Niagara Falls is an essential destination.

  • New York City

Top Bucket List Destinations - New York City
The “Big Apple” is a prominent domestic bucket list destination with its rich diversity and culture, along with intriguing entertainment and art. We prefer to visit New York City at the most magical times of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Experience New York City at Thanksgiving where you’ll enjoy the grand Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a delightful Broadway performance. Or visit at Christmastime and witness the extraordinary Rockettes, The Nutcracker performance, Rockefeller Center’s magnificent Christmas tree and more. No matter which vacation you choose, there is plenty of free time for you to explore this epic cosmopolitan city, America’s largest metropolis.

  • The American Mid-South

Top Bucket List Destinations - The America Mid-South
How well do you know our country? The American Mid-South is not to be ignored. Good food, great music, faith, and warm vibes makes the Heartland a wonderful vacation destination. We have options for you to explore this delightful part of our country, including during the most wonderful time of the year with a Smoky Mountain Christmas or Nashville Holiday Extravaganza. We also now feature an exciting musical tour of Nashville, Branson, and Memphis featuring Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

  • The American Midwest

Top Bucket List Destinations - The America Midwest
Where are the hidden gems in the American Midwest? With it being close to our home location, we know all the best getaway locations in the Midwest. Explore the Mississippi River, travel along Lake Michigan on a circle tour, and be delighted by a tour of Lake Superior including two nights on quaint Mackinac Island, where you’ll see many bicycles and hear the delightful clip-clop of horse hooves from carriages instead of loud automobiles.

As a tip, when thinking of destinations for your bucket list, create a physical list. Whether it’s a digital log on your smart device or good old-fashioned pen and paper, it’s best to put your dream getaways somewhere you can see them. This will remind you to keep making plans to travel in 2022 and beyond!

There are countless attractions that inspire us to get traveling. Top attractions on Holiday Vacations tours include a variety of natural wonders, new cultures, phenomenal food, amazing hospitality, important historic sites, world-class museums, memorials, and galleries. Keep an eye out for future blog posts in this Bucket List series, and we’ll discuss more of the must-see destinations, must-have experiences, and must-taste food from all around the world. From all of us at Holiday Vacations, have safe and happy travels in 2022!

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