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Clean Wisconsin

Clean WisconsinHoliday Vacations is a proud Corporate Guardian of Clean Wisconsin.

Clean Wisconsin is a non-profit environmental conservation organization that works to safeguard the state’s health and the environment with effective research, reporting, and advocacy.

Since it began in 1970, Clean Wisconsin has advocated for or made scientific contributions to a number of legislative acts or laws that aim to improve Wisconsin’s health and environment. These issues included groundwater protections, acid rain, and childhood lead poisoning. Holiday Vacations’ Corporate Guardianship helps Clean Wisconsin realize their vision for America’s Dairyland: Healthy air, clean drinking water, clean energy, and swimmable and fishable lakes, rivers and streams for all. Holiday Vacations is pleased to lend its support to Clean Wisconsin, an ambitious and enthusiastic NPO working hard for the benefit of all of all Wisconsinites.

Learn more about Clean Wisconsin here.

Posted on January 1st, 2017 in Caring & Sharing

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